Zanskar Valley Road trip Part 1 | Shinkula Pass Road | Manali to Kurgiakh Valley | Dominor 250

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The distance from Manali to Darcha is almost 100 kms. At darcha there is a check point where you need to submit your vehicle details along with your name. After darcha there will be two roads. One road will lead to Leh and other road will lead to Zanskar. Distance from darcha to Shinkula Pass is 40 kms. 1st 15 km, roads are newly constructed and tarcoal road. After 15 to 20 kms offroad and dirt trail will start to haunt you. The mountain is very steep and covered with water mud and large stones. While crossing Shinkula you will get atleast 4 to 5 water crossings. Shinkula to Kurgiakh is 20 kms. Before 10 to 15 kms to kurgiakh you will find homestays. If you get stuck somehow or tired you can rest in that homestay. Bed rate is Rs 200/person. There will be no lights or phone charging facility. The homestay is at an altitude of 14,000 ft altitude.

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