Worst Athletes who cheated in history

Top Ten Worst Athletes In History Who Got Caught Cheating | TOP TEN

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Cheating in games has been a problem since the inception of, well, games, but some people cheated in such spectacular or brazen ways that they rise above the lowest of the low.We all want to be the top of the game, Lots of athletes are naturally gifted at what they do. While others, are caught red handed cheating their ways trying to win 1st place. Cheating is as old as the sport games. This is the worst thing that a player can do as it leads to fines,suspensions and ban. Getting fined millions of dollars while also being humiliated in front of a huge crowd, doesn’t really seem to be worth it after all. This could be a nightmare for the athletes. There are several cases where players were caught cheating. Some of these cases have really interesting twists. Take a look at them yourself. Here are top ten such examples of Worst Athletes in history who got caught cheating... Worst Athletes In History video.

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