Why most people today belong to satan even most christians?

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Most people on earth today worship satan Most do no know it In fact revelation 3 tells us that the kings rulers the army generals when satan comes will hide satan rules the waters, themselves in the caves and rocks and say hide us from the face of Him who is in the coulds

They will know themselves to be lost They will know themsellves that they have done wrong They will know that they have exercised evil and policy and the politically cporrect things which is contrary to God satan rules the waters,

Satan is happy as he sees that human beings are not very intelligent they are marketed a politically correct message in the media by Him and most people fall for that fake message satan rules the waters

They are hypnotized most people think that following the masses is suffficient to be accepted by either the universe or God but eveyr human being has the responsibility to follow truth and not this world
when satan rules his world, satan out of earth, We know that because Jesus said follow not the world It says he that would want to be a friend of the world is an enemy of Jesus lucifer bible story, lucifer bible passage,

You cannot follow the world and Jesus satan rules the waters, by following the world I mean to have the manners of talking of the world the actions of the world when satan rules his world, If the world is fake and hypocrite then you will assume that it is ok to be fake satan out of earth,
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