Why is Flag Hoisting done before a Church Feast? (An ancient Catholic practice)

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Different reasons why Flag hoisting is done before a Church Feast:

By flag hoisting we glorify and honor the patron saint and God and ask to provide a blessed environment of the festival.
Flag Hoisting is also a sign and an announcement to all the parishioner and its neighborhood that the celebration of the feast is on.
Once the flag is hoisted, the parishioners do not leave their home town, and if they have to go out for any reason, they have to return for the procession.
It is believed that staying away from the feast is a mark of disrespect to the patron saint, which deprives them of the saint's blessings.
It was also believed that parishioner were asked to stay home town because they should not get in contact with any contagious disease out side the town
or anything bad should not happen to them which will disturb the Feast Environment.
With flag hoisting, the life style of the parishioners is significantly altered:
They maintain a virtuous life during the period of the feast, and give importance to spiritual life by taking part in the daily Mass and prayer.
Main motive of this ritual of flag hoisting is to bring transformation in the lives of the people. Morning Star video.

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