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Some of the question in this video:-

What is the age of the people in Paradise?

What is the best day of the week,
and the best month of the year?

How do you say Allah’s Attribute of
Existencein Arabic and what does it mean?

Who is the best Muslim woman?

In Islam, a woman is treated with dignity and
respect, and not as a sex symbol. Which
female companion of our beloved Prophet was
famous for teaching Qu’ran?

What are Jinns made from, and who
is the first Jinn?

The Qur’an is divided into thirty divisions, each
part is called a Juzu. What is the name of the
last Juzu in the Qur’an?

What is the proof from the Qur’an that Allah is
not like the creation?

He is a great Prophet who resembles our
beloved Muhammad. What is His name, and
how is He related to Prophet Muhammad?

What do the names Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim
of Allah mean?

What are the names of the two Angels that
record our actions?

Meat is halal if it is hand-slaughtered by a
Muslim, Christian, or Jew. Why is that?

What Ayah is called β€œThe master of the Ayahs”
in the Qur’an?

What does Barak Allahu fik mean?

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