Which country produces most coffee (beans)?

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This video shows the top 12 coffee-producing countries in the world from 1961 to 2018. Coffee bean production is measured in tonnes per year.


The main data source is official statistics from FAO member countries, collected either through annual production questionnaires (APQ) distributed to countries, from national publications (Yearbooks and Pocketbooks) or from official country websites. The source data can originate from surveys, administrative data and estimates based on expert observations. Which type of source is used by countries can significantly affect reliability and comparability of data. In nearly all cases where countries provide their official production data, data are recorded as reported by countries. The only exceptions are the application of conversion factors (e.g., if a country reports rice production on a husked rice basis, that production must be converted to a paddy basis), or cases of reporting errors (typically digit errors). In instances where no official data is available, data from semi-official sources (including commodity-specific trade publications) may be used. If no data from either official or unofficial sources is available, data are imputed. In all cases, data are flagged accordingly.

Coffee Production per year
Coffee Production in Brazil
Coffee Production in Vietnam
Coffee Production in Indonesia
Coffee Production in India
Coffee Production in Mexico
Coffee Production in Columbia
Coffee Production in the Philippines

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