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i uploaded a very unusual content though bunch of similar videos have been uploaded in youtube.

Please note i am not using any asmrtistsβ€˜ special microphone to capture vivid sound. I was just curious to play with water because at that time, i was home alone. This is just a low budget ASMR video. I have always bern curious about ASMR and i hope i can upload more because i like to explore new things.

In this videos, i will / be:

Playing with plain water
Playing with sponge and make bubbles
Soap the sponge
Use bath gel for the sponge
Wash a rag
Squeeze the rag and sponge

Note: there will be some natural background sound like bird chirping and chicken crowing but i guess they are not as annoying as you can imagine (hopefully).

I am a fan of natural sound both open and enclosed areas.

I hope you will like it.

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#ASMR #waterplay #soaping #handwashing Tyrowe John Alarcon video.

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