Vikings: The 2 Most Dreadful Decisions Of Lagartha.

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In this video, you will watch the 2 most dreadful decision of lagartha the shieldmaiden.
Lagertha was one of the most complex and interesting characters on Vikings. Her choices, good or bad, laid out a lot of what happened to her.
"I was never the usurper, always the usurped," Lagertha said describing her entire life in one sentence. She refused to bow to the obstacles and lived her life on her own terms. She was the beating heart of Vikings after Ragnar's death which is why her own death was so sad.
Lagertha was the shieldmaiden every woman in Kattegat wanted to be. When Ragnar died, she tried her best to fit in his shoes, preserving the kingdom she had helped him. Onyebuchi Eze video.

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