Vanjiram Fish Curry in tamil |vanjiram fish kuzhambu seivathu epadi |How to make vanjiram fish curry

Vanjiram Fish Curry in tamil |vanjiram fish kuzhambu seivathu epadi |How to make vanjiram fish curry

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Vanjiram Fish Curry in tamil |vanjiram fish kuzhambu seivathu epadi |How to make vanjiram fish curry

Vanjiram Fish Curry | vanjiram fish kuzhambu seivathu epadi | How to make vanjiram fish curry

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Today I have uploaded Vanjiram fish curry video. Please don't watch and don't visit my channel.


Vanjiram Fish : 300gm
Onion : 250gm
Tomato : 2 nos
Salt : as required
Coconut crushed : as required
Oil : as required
Chilli powder
Kulambu milagai powder
Turmeric powder
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves

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