Understanding Drywall – 1 | Building a Drywall Fire-rated Room

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This is Understanding Drywall – Part 1

*Fire rating: Ask those questions!*
Is Drywall Fire rated? Yeah!
What is fire rating in drywall? In plain English, fire rating it is just how long the drywall withstands fire without crumbling. Not turning into dust freaking dust!
The intension is to contain the fire to a particular space in a determined amount of time.

Drywall is fire rated, if it has been tested, and approved under the lab results, hence:
Saying that any particular piece of drywall is fire rated, only means that that style of drywall was put together under specific guidelines to fabricate that style of drywall. Nothing less nothing more!

Because the ratings are based on the time that the drywall withstands fire, yet maintaining its characteristics, saying that a drywall is fire rated, ONLY MEANS that it has been approved to be used under that particular time-frame while withstanding burning flames!. Can you believe it?

Also it means that means that you can use multiple layers of drywall to achieve the fire rating of your project.
So 2 hours = 2 sheets of 5/8” drywall would be enough…

Now you asked after I said all this I still see here:

*Will Drywall Burn? Dumas is asking it!
*Can drywall Burn? Yes it will dude!
Although drywall is made out of materials that are designed not to burn that fast, Anything burns if exposed to high heat for long enough! … you know high temperatures… just pulverizes everything!

Mr. Dumas asked this question, see?
A room that is fire-rated, has to contain the fire while it is burning, for its intended time rating. So If the rating is 1 hour it has to withstand fire for an hour!
That being said, any pathway within the fire-rated room, has to be also fire-rated,
Like a door, it needs to be fire rated to the same magnitude as of the walls. So the drywall will not do the job alone.
So all other items enclosing that room have to also be fire-rated, Like doors, ventilation, recessed light fixtures, inspection covers,… etc, to withstand the same fire rating specified to the said space.
So making a fire-rated room can become a very costly endeavor!
There are many kinds of drywall, brands, and many other variations. Besides its capabilities to withstand fire, you would be surprised of how many types and characteristics that you can get out of one simple material! There are different thickness, sizes, moisture protection applications, different weights for ease of installation, and added embedded layers of sound barriers… Don’t you love drywall? I do!!
If I say it to me, I think it sounds better!! You are seating there, you tell me!
A good rule of thumb for fire rating uses:
Here I am going to be telling you how to use a simple rule to achieve the rating that you need on your project.
This is simple. The 5/8” drywall is what we call, “fire-code” or fire-rated drywall, which is known as Type X and has a fire rating minimum of 1 hour,
And the standard ½-inch drywall has a 30-minute minimum rating.
And you can add them in layers to achieve what your plans are calling for…
What we call Drywall, sheetrock, plaster boards are designed for different uses and can be found under many brands.
See what your plans are calling for,
Check to see if the architects specified any drywall with specific properties, like soundproofing, metal-infused drywall, water-resistant type,
Then layer them to achieve the fire rating that you need.
That is all, that is a wall, that’s is drywall ratings for you. X Plan Ation video.

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