Unboxing Ducky One 2 RGB TKL With Cherry MX Red | Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard?

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Thank you for watching my first unboxing in which I comment, I know that the quality is still not the best, as I am still using my smartphone as a camera and my microphone is not the best too 😝 but I expect to improve this soon. I hope you enjoyed it and leave your feedback.

Is Ducky 2 One the best TKL Mechanical Keyboard?
Well, it might not be the best, but it is definitely my favorite.
I love Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards I think the size is perfect and does not sacrifice many features.
The build quality is excellent, it's N-Key Rollover, it has a detachable USB cable with USB type-C connector, lots of lighting options, Extra keycaps and metal wire keycap puller included which is very good for those who want to enter the world of custom keyboards.
And as we can see in the video there are many more qualities that make it worth the 125$ price tag. Heres's Bones video.

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