UNBOXING B ROLL | Channel Presentation | Here’s Bones

UNBOXING B ROLL | Channel Presentation | Here's Bones

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Hello everyone !! Here's Bones πŸ’€ and welcome to the channel πŸ‘Š
I decided to create a small b roll completely recorded with my smartphone, Oneplus 7T, to present the channel.
As you can see in the presentation, the channel will be about unboxing, I intend to do unboxing more related to gaming gadgets, collector's editions, and some interesting technologies in which you can play something.
I also intend to release some gameplay walkthroughs, news soon.
I'm sorry if this b-roll isn't anything special for you, it was the first one I tried to do, but at least I learned a lot in the process πŸ˜…
I hope you like it ✌ Peace Heres's Bones video.

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