UFOs ARE HERE – Govt Says Cannot Identify Them

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UFO Sightings are on the increase. The public is much more open to the idea of the existence of Aliens than ever before. The mainstream news media has been reporting about UFOs /UAPs in an unprecedented and unparalleled way in recent months. The interest in the topic has political leadership, to celebrities, to serious news anchors, openly discussing the topic like never before.
On Friday, June 25th, the much anticipated 180 Day Pentagon UAP / UFO Report was delivered to Congress, with a public version made available. In it, they basically concluded that they couldn't identify the vast majority of sightings. A classified Top Secret addendum section was not released to the public.
Some see the UFO Report as some kind of conclusion, and yet, it answers nothing, and instead opens up a lot of questions.
If these objects are not made by the Chinese, or the Russians, or other nations across the world, and if they are not part of some super-secret US military arsenal, then who pilots them, and where do they come from..?
Could it be aliens or could it be entities from another dimension..?
Could they be flown by members of an ancient civilization that live out of sight in the oceans and that we have shared our planet with since before recorded history..? Paradigm Shifts video.

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