Tsavo National Park || Haunted African Jungle

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The Tsavo Man-Eaters were a pair of man-eating male lions in the Tsavo region, which were responsible for the deaths of a number of 135 construction workers while building Railway Project named Lunatic Express. The Man-eaters of Tsavo is a book written by John Henry Patterson in 1907 that recounts his experiences while overseeing the construction of a railroad bridge. Throughout history, there have been many famous hunting stories. The Story of Man-eaters were so pathetic & Unique That Made TSAVo popular worldwide. John Henry Patterson shot the lions and sold their bodies along with skulls for ,000 to the Field Museum in Chicago. A 1996 movie, The Ghost and the Darkness, dramatized the story.
We have been eyewitness of few attacks of The Man-Eaters Lions at TSAVO which proves the taste of human blood remains within TSAVO Lions which makes them real Man-Eaters.

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