Tribal Music African Drums Vol 4: Song made with kalimba | Safari music instrumental

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Tribal Music African Drums Vol 4 Song made with kalimba | Safari music instrumental
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Relaxing music comes in all forms and from various continents. Nothing however competes with the African continent for its calming, meditative, peaceful, beautiful lullaby to get you in the under the stars mood relaxing in a hammock or on a bed. Feeling the relaxed african music jabali spirit

I chose the thumbnail to represent a variation of the warior tribes such as the Zulus. African queens sttrengtht should show up in the music and bring that vibe with the healing music for the body and soul flute.

Just to add to the ambient feel I have added a sprinkle of andalusian-arabic music, through to whats labeled newage world music to help you refresh, while you are relaxing, healing, reading
or even studying for work.

This can help with your anxiety, refresh you and bring back to the child in you with that nostalgia of disney,

Feel free to listen to it at work, in a cafe, a coffee shop, soothing or if you need something cozy and sounds soothing to find that chill to fall asleep. Just to remind you that this tribal meditation music with talko drums and kalimba is constructed to bring peace and tranquility. Imagine that you on safari enjoying the African animals feeling totally carefree.

Created for you with love, happiness with some acoustic vibes.

Remember that this is strictly for you, the yellow drums family ❤️. I will not stop until you are chilled out and anxiety free with aural comfort.

Thank you for all your support, it means alot to me. Cxx

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❤️ We keep you cozy
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❤️ With music that's peaceful
❤️ While being calming
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❤️ Calming. you down at night
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For more soothing relaxing music, check out the rest of the yellow drums channel, where I celebrate the ivory keys in more of its glory, the flute telling its story, and nature bring you back to calm.

Drop me a like and comment below if there is anything else you want me to create especially for you and your mood.

Forever here for music.... C-HARLIE
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💕 Song Info
Title: Colours of Zulu
Composer: C-HARLIE aka Charlie Charles and the yellow guru

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Music has been used for hundreds of years to help restore harmony between mind and body.

#jabali spirit

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© 2020 Music by C-HARLIE aka Charlie Charles. All rights reserved The Yellow Drums video.

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