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Best time :-
The high summer when water is scarce. April & May is prime tiger-spotting time. But be warned it's 46° C

Getting there :
There is a rule that you must exit the park from the same gate you entered. My advice is Nagpur to Chandrapur and enter from Moharli gate.
If you don't have a car, there are 3 buses from Chandrapur to Moharli_ 8.45, 10 am & 2 pm. Rs. 45/-
Note :- There's no ATM service in Moharli so do carry sufficient cash.

1) Tourist complex at Tadoba lake Rs. 200/ VIP suite.
Make sure to call ahead and check if there's no internal census. The park is closed for 10 days or so during the census
Also closer to the water bodies they have 2/ 3 bedrooms Rs.100/
There's also a Youth hostel 18 - bed dorm Rs. 20/ per bed

2) Another basic private dormitory closer to Moharli gate /road_ Rs.750/

3) Serai Tiger Camp- Rs.1500/ dormitory~ 5 kms from Moharli gate.
Rates incl all 3 meals & tea/ coffee. Welcome drink on arrival. Food is delicious
Contact +91 981045095 Mr.Ajay Chandel (Resort Mgr) +91 7798463003 +91 8055057648

Booking safaris :-
Advise- Book your safari/ canter prior to booking the hotel. Safari booking to be done online.

*book core zone safari for the afternoon slot for better chance of locating a tiger.
*safari to core zone by 22 seater bus(canter) - I used this cheaper option both times.
However, canters go only on main roads, they cannot go to the interior parts of the jungle.
I had no booking & contacted the Forest dept office at Mul_ Chandrapur-Kavita Yadav. Since I was alone she confirmed a canter seat booking in her register, and told me to go directly to booking counter to make payment.
Canter safari/ mini bus Rs.400/+ Rs.200 camera
Booking done @ Field Director_ 07172 251414
Normally tel call is fine; although it's advisable to collect the booking slip from the office before you present yourself at the gate. Best to Book directly at the Field officer_ Chandrapur

Jungle beauty :
Variety of tree species. Check the ghost trees with their white branches.
The mahua is everywhere, with its distinctive smell. Scattered throughout we found lovely kusums and flowering silk cottons which bloom from late - winter to spring.

Music in this video :
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 International License.
* Title: Heart of the Jungle
* Composer: Alexander Hoff
* Youtube Channel: Angela video.

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