Top 5 Open World games for Medium Spec PC

Top 5 Open World Games for Medium Spec PC

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Top 5 Games for Medium Spec PC

Hello Guys I'm back for you.
I was forgot about these days.
But Icon of ''Google Chrome'' reminded me to upload a new Video.
So I was thinking about what I will upload.
So I've got an Idea.!
uploading Rankings of game, games that you knowdon't know
So I've made this video for you guys!

Making the Ranking of Best game for Medium Spec PC is so hard.

---------------------------Here's my Ranking---------------------------------

5. Left 4 Dead
This is the one of the famous Games
of Valve, Source Company.
the story is created about survivors
4 peoples have to escape from zombie City.
this is an very interesting Game.
There are many special zombies like;
4. Watch Dogs
This is the one of the famous game.
and you look at the graphics! it looking like real !
this is a stealth, Action, Shooting, Open World Game.
Red Dead Redemption 2
This is one of the latest game in world.
[2018] ====================
Hitman [2016] ====================
This is the Most famous stealth game into the world.
You can play Hitman 2 too.
But that will only on low-Medium Settings
But Hitman [2016] is best for your PC.
One of the Most famous GTA Game in hole world.
Everyone knows about it.
So I'm skipping this toppic.

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