Top 5 NEVER SEEN SCARY VIDEO Caught on camera

Top 5 NEVER SEEN SCARY VIDEO Caught on camera

Top 5 NEVER SEEN SCARY VIDEO Caught on camera.

5. Playing guitar.
A person is filming his friend while playing guitar. after sometimes they heard banging noise on the door. his friend opened a door and found that someone is hiding like paranormal far.
They ran behind them to catch but that disapper within second. it looks like paranormal activity.

4. Headless man walking through traffic.
in this video we found that a headless man is walking on the road traffic. it looks too scary because of headless man is easily walking and chasing on traffic. as per some sources his name is Mr. Vellu. and he suffers from a spinal condition that leaves his head resting in his chest. He hated all the attention he's received.

3. Ring Doorbells Catch Woman Trying To Break Into Homes.
Several homeowners in Denverโ€™s Rosedale neighborhood are on edge after a break-in and several other attempted break-ins.
An unidentified woman showed up at two homes in the area of Evans and Grant.
another neighbor several houses down captured a second frightening video.
This same woman carrying a large knife that she waves directly in front of the camera.

As per home owner when she ran down the stairs, she saw a lady running out of her living room out the front door.

2. The putter is back - lobo in the trash.
In this video we can see that some woman was stupid, a woman thought - overtook the signal, it turned out that the man inadequately braked them and broke his head with a club.

1. Screaming Ghost.
Nicole's fear of coming out of hiding hasn't been that the living will find her, but the dead. Soon after she picked up her cameras in hopes of recording normal YouTube videos, the ghosts it seems came to her. The scary truth for Nicole is that her gift is to be haunted. She's a walking gateway for spirits both peaceful and frightening. The screaming girl ghost caught here on camera is just the start of the next chapter of Nicole's terrifying experiences with the dead. Jitendra lodhanvadra video.

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