Top #3 easy ways to boost your immunity with garlic

Top 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity With Garlic, Here's How? | INFO SPOT

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Garlic is essential in our day to day life.
It adds more food values. It boosts immunity naturally. Always remember to add garlic in your diet. Garlic has many proven medical benefits.
*. Remedy for symptoms of cold & Flu.
*. Comforts or soothes the sore throat.
*. Garlic is an traditional medicine to treat infections, toothache,
Asthma symptoms, regulates blood pressure.
*. An Anti-oxidant properties allicin present in the garlic not only boost your immunity, but also lower the cholestrol levels and blood sugar levels.
TAKE GARLIC WITH THIS FOLLOWING COMBO. It adds taste and values to your food. It is easy to prepare by anyone.
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