TOP 3 Alpha Male Affirmations

alpha male affirmations

What is an alpha male without affirmations? An alpha male knows he is an alpha male due to using a particular practice. That practice is of course self taught. Through training himself to believe so much in himself he begins to illuminate to everyone else around him he is as he perceives himself. Knowing these alpha male affirmations you will become more aware of an alpha male.

I know what is true and I know what is not.
(they don't believe everything they are told)

They believe bending over backwards for a girl isn't necessary to obtain a mate. This is very true because what a girl is looking for is rather being cool, reasonable, understanding, and flexible.

I am more than enough for this world.
(they know they contribute to mankind in there own way)
An alpha male knows but 3 different hobbies. Those hobbies include; Fitness Health, Finances, Creativity.

I am king manifestation.
( They Practice Integrity )
An Alpha knows if you do not stand up for what you believe then you are a beta. Knowing this grants you a powerful ally in leadership. "A wolf doesn't care about the opinions and thoughts of sheep"

Ryan Chilton video.

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