Top 15 Most Subscribed Channels On Youtube (2015-2020) Bar Chart Race

Ranking History Of the World's 15 Most Subscribed Channels On Youtube (2015-2020) Bar Chart Race

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This Video Shows a graphical representation or a Bar Chart Race of the most subscribed channels on youtube from January 2015 to March 2020.
For a long time, pew die pie was the most subscribed youtube channel. A long race between pewdiepie vs T-series resulted in T-series as the most subscribed channel on youtube as of March 2020.
I make a data visualization or a racing bar chart of the 15 most subscribed youtube channels.
Watching the Racing bar chart is always enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy this video also.

The ranking of the most subscribed youtube channels is given below:-
2.Pew Die Pie
3.Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes
4.Set India
5.5-minute crafts
7.Canal Kondzilla
8.Justin Bieber
9.Zee Music Company
10.Like Nastya
11.Kids Diana Show
12.Dude Perfect
14.Ed Sheeran
15.Badabun Empiric Destiny video.

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