Top 14 home remedies for Upset Stomach

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HOW TO GET RID OF AN UPSET STOMACH naturally? Watch this video to learn some home remedies for an upset stomach.

An upset stomach can be a result of something that you ate or drank. Most of the time, stomach upset is caused due to food poisoning- that is when the consumed food was contaminated with viruses or bacteria or parasites. It could also be due to overeating or drinking too much. Sometimes greasy, spicy, or fatty foods also cause indigestion. This condition can, however, be cured by following simple upset stomach remedies.

Lifestyle also plays a major role. Eating too fast, emotional stress, smoking, consuming too much alcohol or caffeine, motion sickness during travel can also contribute to an upset stomach. When an upset stomach is caused by such reasons it is easier to control it. But there could also be some underlying medical reasons which cause indigestion. Ekamra video.

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