Top 10 Netflix Shows

Top 10 Suggested Netflix Series - [Binge Worthy - 2020]

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Looking for the top 10 suggested Netflix series? Back in Lock down? Well just for you guys I’m about to let you know my favourite top 10 Netflix series of all time! Don’t you worry there are no spoilers I try to explain the show in the best way possible without telling you guys the secrets and shockers of them all! I’ve been so stuck on what to watch lately because I feel like over lockdown I have watched the whole of Netflix.

So I have been wondering what to watch on Netflix and what are your Netflix recommendations. I have binge watched everything I can find or have heard of and I have some great TV shows in this video for you! They are guaranteed the best Netflix shows to binge watch. So grab yourself a Netflix partner, grab yourself some snacks and get yourself a blanket because here … are the best shows to binge watch on Netflix 2020. Hayley Genevieve video.

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