Tiger Tank Battle

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#warthunder, #tankbattles, #tigertank

Today I have another battle with German Tanker but this time, I'm actually in a german tank and so is he: The Tiger Tanks.

He also recorded the video whilst playing so if you want to see his video pls see his channel as you can see here:

It wont be uploaded until a few hours as hes having a few technical difficulties but pls pls go check out his channel and pls watch his video once its uploaded later today.

Once again thank you for the support. I've managed to get over 1000 views on the channel and I'm so proud of this. But I'm only on 44 subscribers and even tho I'm proud of this in 7 weeks I need more. So if you are watching my channel pls subscribe.

Anyway c yaaaaa!! The Jurassic Aviator video.

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