This toddler’s struggle to say ‘flamingo’ is what we all need right now

Little Girl Can't Say Flamingo

Two-year-old Nova Scotian Claire Lister’s struggle to say the word “flamingo” may well be just the type of moment the internet needs to see after a wave of coronavirus updates and lockdown tales.

In footage taken by her mother, Alexis Lister, and shared to YouTube on March 26 by her father, Andrew, Claire is largely intelligible saying other animal names she’s learning, such as lion, elephant, dog, and cow. But it’s a different story when it comes to one exotic bird.

Her first effort seems to be a random collection of sounds, but the real joy is when Claire’s mother asks her to try “flamingo” again, after relatively successful takes on words like snake and tiger.

In one of the most casual brush-offs you’re likely to see on camera, Claire simply says “yeah,” and goes back to the book she’s holding in her hands. She’ll master it in her own time, evidently. Andrew Lister video.

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