This Question almost Fooled Einstein

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This Question almost Fooled Einstein How to Solve this Riddle Puzzle !

The Simple Problem Einstein Couldn’t Solve … At First
Albert Einstein and Max Wertheimer were close friends. Both found themselves in exile in the United States after fleeing the Nazis in the early 1930s, Einstein at Princeton and Wertheimer in New York.

They communicated by exchanging letters in which Wertheimer would entertain Einstein with thought problems.

In 1934 Wertheimer sent the following problem in a letter.

An old clattery auto is to drive a stretch of 2 miles, up and down a hill, /. Because it is so old, it cannot drive the first mileβ€” the ascent β€”faster than with an average speed of 15 miles per hour. Question: How fast does it have to drive the second mileβ€” on going down, it can, of course, go fasterβ€”in order to obtain an average speed (for the whole distance) of 30 miles an hour?
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