The Story of DexCool: The Orange Coolant Used in Chevrolet, Buick, & all of GM’s Cars

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Dex-Cool coolant is an ethylene glycol based coolant that was introduced in late 1995 with the 1996 model year vehicles produced by General Motors. It was a derivative of the original formulation of coolant that eliminated silicates and phosphates from the formula, in order to extend the life span of the coolant. However, the chemicals that replaced them would soften some seals, and didn't handle an imperfectly maintained system. The orange coolant quickly gained a reputation for causing cooling system issues, but wasn't entirely to blame...

Dex-Cool sludge is a condition the coolant is blamed for that causes overheating and cooling system damage. Mixing green (or other color) coolants with Dex-Cool can cause it to prematurely expire, causing the sludged internals. Cars Simplified video.

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