The Sri Lankan Bartender behind Colombo’s forbidden Love story

The Sri Lankan Bartender behind Colombo's forbidden Love story : Dassa Vlogs ep 11

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assa Vlogs Episode 11 focus on Vimuth Jospeh, Vimuth is a school friend of mine who I happen to bounce into at the front door at the Love Bar before the COVID 19 outbreak in Colombo Sri Lanka.

The last time I saw Vimuth was almost 6 years ago and It was such a great way to reunite!

The Love bar in Colombo Sri Lanka is an exclusive night club and Bar in Colombo that is aesthetically pleasing and a great place to
enjoy drinks and music.

This was the second time I visited the Love bar since I arrived in Sri Lanka in March 2020.

Vimuth and the management have come up with a really nice cocktail menu

I got a first-hand experience to taste all 6 of the drinks.

It was also great to hear that they were promoting a campaign to "Eat local and Drink local" at the current times it is a great way to
support our economy.

Most of the ingredients were sourced locally and homemade. Dassa Vlogs Ep 11 video.

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