The Spin of Fiction Plot

Larry Hamilton is a thirty-four-year-old writer who gets on a train that leads him down a track holding a deadly riddle. He is unaware that he has entered a train that has somehow formed from the pages of his latest book. Sherry Nielson is the main character in Larry’s latest book. She was written as a clever detective and is delighted that she has become loved by a vast audience of readers worldwide.
Mr. Wellington another character also from the book has a private and evil agenda that will allow him to trade places with Sherry and escape the pages of Larry’s book and unlock evil.
Approached by Mr. Wellington, Sherry is asked to create a way to take Larry hostage in a way that would force him to rewrite a book page that if not rewritten, could harm or alter the face of history. Sherry, who initially believes she is doing the right thing; goes into Larry’s dream and pulls him into his book train scene.(#book #book release #sciencefiction #science adventure)
Will Mr. Wellington accomplish his evil goal of switching places? or, will Sherry’s altered plan work where Larry is able to rewrite the page that is harmful? Will Mr. Wellington be locked away in a book scene forever unable to raise havoc on the face of history? forhadsumon video.

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