The Philadelphia Experiment

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In the middle of World war two (II) (WWII). There was a technological accomplishment that made the Manhattan project look easy.
Or so according to several true believers. They say that several famous scientists including Albert Einstein, in conjunction with the US military.
Made a way for a ship to disappear.. and reappear, somewhere else. This tale of teleportation, disaster and supposed time travel, is an interesting one.
The Philadelphia Experiment. That's what we'll be getting into today on this episode of Mystery Archives.

Time stamps:
0:41 - The story begins
2:16 - Carlos Allende
3:01 - Al Bielek
4:13 - Time Travel pt. 1 - 2137 ad
7:05 - Time Travel pt. 2 - 2749 ad
9:05 - The builders
10:51 - Teleported back
11:31 - Was it all true?

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