THE GREAT AND FINAL JUDGMENT! ~ Rod Pickens & Mary K. Baxter | Dreams & Visions (2020)

THE GREAT & FINAL JUDGMENT OF UNBELIEVERS! ~ Rod Pickens & Mary K. Baxter | Dreams & Visions (2020)

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The Great and Final Judgment prophetic dreams & visions given by evangelists Rod Perkins and Mary K. Baxter, provide a window into what it will be like for the those who have not repented of their sins when they stand before God at the Great and Final Judgment. The Scriptures in (Revelation 20: 1-15) gives a sobering account of what will take place at the Great and Final Judgment for those who choose to remain unsaved, unrighteous, and unrepentant in their sins.

Give your life to Christ, whilst living on this side of heaven and eternal Judgment. Make certain your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. For once one enters into eternity, one's fate is sealed and awaiting a Final Judgment; either the Great White Throne Judgment or the Bema Seat Of Christ Judgment for believers in Jesus. Please share this video with everyone.. unsaved loved ones, unsaved friends and those who have walked away from the Lord. Let these prophetic visions of the Great and Final Judgment be the catalyst in changing minds and hearts towards Christ and build His Kingdom for His Glory. Time is short.. Jesus (Yeshua) is ever so near, even at the door!

Jesus (Yeshua) is coming back again.. much sooner than we think. Repent! Be Ready! Be Prepared! Be Saved! Tell others about Jesus (Yeshua) - The One who saves from sin, heals the broken-hearted and delivers from every bondage!

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