The Art of Re-Gifting Christmas Presents

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You just dug out your decorations and have presents you never used. Well what do you do with them? You pack them up and send them to their new home of joy. The art of regifting gifts, whether it be toys, dolls, cds, or even the complete season of Archie Bunker in the heat of the night. There is nothing you can't pass on to the next generation to give them joy this holiday season. Why just repack when you can declutter and find the perfect fitness gifts. There is no limit to the amount of joy you can receive knowing they are finally in a place where they will be appreciated. Freddy Kruger, Chuckie, Jason from Fridat the 13th. How about an umbrella from the Stephen King Movie Carrie. Seriously this is even the chance to get rid of the things you regret. Dan video.

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