THE AMAZING ODD KITCHEN ~ Why Would One Choose Vegan Lifestyle?

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Vegan Lifestyle has never been so intriguing. The interesting part about it is that it has always been there enjoyed by our great-grandfathers. There is nothing new or foreign about it.
It's only that modern trends came up with new or with seemingly better ways of living and everyone was swept away by this wave.

Some of us still hold on for dear life to childhood memories of playing hide-and-seek in the hay enjoying forbidden carrots or barbequed corn. Whatever you used to do during your heydays that is a far cry to how we live today.
What I am trying to say is that we suddenly sobered up to the fact that processed foods have the same effect on our bodies as cyanide in the long run.

Also to the fact that it is much cheaper and more sensible to have a vegetable garden and a chicken coop full of healthy egg-laying birds in your backyard. You could also have even a couple of milk-producing animals for a good measure if circumstances so allow you.

In this video, there are some tips and hacks that can come in very handy to any aspiring vegan enthusiast especially the Millenials to whom the vegan lifestyle is foreign and mystic.
Monde Mzamo video.

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