The 5G Revolution Stocks to Buy

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5G high-speed communications are rolling out in our smartphones, but also in our IOT devices and we talk about how to take advantage of the 5G revolution and why investors should get in now as the technology will absolutely revolutionize our cities, autonomous cars, entertainment venues, sporting events, healthcare, public transportation, drones, agriculture, etc.

With 5G plus one could see download speeds increase to 1.5 Gbps and with the lower latency, true real-time streams without wiring. Hopefully, this transformation will in the future help the other 7b people on the planet, who are not currently on the internet, and improve their quality of life quickly once a smartphone is put into their hands. the 5G phones are a very powerful tool to help raise people out of poverty through powerful apps, payment systems, and now far faster downloads and streaming. Enjoy!
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