Sunset from Luxor

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The phenomenon of sunsets has been admired by artists, contemplated by philosophers and examined by scientists. While the sunsets every day, everywhere, Egypt has a rich variety of nature, historical and architecture scenery that provides for a kaleidoscopic sunset experience.

While the Pyramids of Giza, the Sahara Desert, and the River Nile remain the most popular spots, there are various other locations in Egypt, which provide for stunning sunset panoramas.

It is interesting that apart from a major weather forecast we cannot predict what the sunset is going to look like. While on some days and location it may not be visible, most of the Egyptian land provides undisturbed and unspoiled horizons. Often one sunset can provide for dozens of different shades and shapes. While many claims that the clouds and wind are necessary ingredients for good sunset shots, there are some timeless locations, which make up for a unique setting and pictures with a clear sky. Amr Amin video.

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