Spirit Guide Mystical Crane – Mindful Reflection, Highly Inspiring

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Spirit Guide Crane, specifically Great Blue Heron met me in my path yesterday, Nov 19, 2021. He looked at me, and I at him. The wisdom and energy from this devine creature put so much joy in my heart. This piece is but a bit of all I really want to share. However, I hope you celebrate with me here. **I purposely made this a Reflection piece as the Crane beauty says it all and I did not want to distract from its beauty through this 3 min meditation, mind clearing, joy filling video.
Spirit Guide Crane holds an ancient beauty, an ancient wisdom and shows us how to be one with our Universe.
Cranes have inhabited our earth for 10Million years. Thus we must appreciate its wisdom.
I simply offer this reflection and leave the awesome spiritual energy from Crane to you!
Love & Light Carmella

Reflection: written by Carmella, from my heart to yours.

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Title: "A group of White Egrets spread out for fishing"
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Thank-you. Love & Light, Carmella
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