Social Manners to teach your Child | Harshit Bansal | Director, Abhinav Group of Schools

Social Manners to teach your Child | Harshit Bansal | Director, Abhinav Group of Schools

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Harshit Bansal, Director, Abhinav Group of Schools discusses about various ideas that he is implementing in schools that is making difference in the schools and student’s life.

He talks about major aspects in a children's life and the changes that and has to be brought to make student’s future ready. What are teachings that are crucial for students of next decade.

He specifically sheds light on life skills, linguistics, basic day to day etiquette and social manners that students have to be taught.

In the talks he brings up reason why teachings of school fail and what must be done to so that students retain the learnings. He discusses ways in which parents can contribute to their children’s life and career.

He emphasizes on peer to peer learning process and what this generation of children needs, he also suggests ways how schools can work with parents to make education more effective for children.

He speaks elaborately in which ways parents and students can collectively work on deciding a career that will be good for the child.
Towards the end, he brings out the topic of social behaviour into the talk, he gave his opinion on crying publicly.

Lastly, he gave his thoughts on setting an agenda for an academic year in a school and finished with appreciating the initiative of Entab CampusCare EdTalks.

Entab CampusCare EdTalks is an initiative by Entab to bring out the story of struggle, efforts and successes of educators.

0:00:48 – The story of Abhinav Group of Schools
0:02:15 – What makes a school different and how is Abhinav Group of School different
0:04:10 – How to cope up with evolving needs of today? how to impart education in this ever-changing world
0:07:16 – Setting a model that can prepare students for next decade, a tailor-made approach
0:11:40 – Can peer-learning help in schools?
0:15:25 – challenges at I faced as a child
0:17:40 – What makes you happy, your secrets to happy life?
0:20:30 – How to come out of comfort zone, looking for what next attitude
0:23:10 – Coping with mistakes, is crying okay, human behaviour
0:28:20 – Setting visions for the future, preparing agenda for a school
0:30:50 – Words for Entab CampusCare EdTalks

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