SNOW THERAPY • Winter Driving in the Mountains • RELAXING

SNOW THERAPY • Winter Driving in the Mountains • RELAXING

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☸️ I Love Wintertime. Beautiful Scenic Winter Drive ☸️
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Gosh, 2020 so far has been a challenging year for so many across the globe. With all of the anxiety and regulations and sickness connected with the pandemic, as well as the furious pace of politics, societal unrest, and a general sense of doom and gloom for so many, I detox my mind by looking forward to the wintertime; remembering the roadtrip I took in winter 2019. This video contains excerpts from that roadtrip. I hope you enjoy the scenery and music.
We are living in a 'stressed-out' world of high anxiety and fear, with many feeling an oppressive wave of nauseating doom and gloom.
With this in mind, we are dedicated to bringing you relaxing and ambient audio/visual tracks that will bring you some peace and relaxation.

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