Simpsons Bart S 31 E 16 Better Off Ned

Simpsons Bart S 31 E 16 Better Off Ned

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Bart Simpsons S 31 E 16 Better Off Ned
Simpsons Bart S 31 E 16 Ned Better Off
Better off ned Simpsons Bart S 31 E16

The Simpsons season 31, episode 16, “Better Off Ned,”
The episode begins with Bart just hanging out at the Retirement Castle with Grandpa, while Abe regales him with the insane stories of his past. And, unlike usual, they’re interesting, apparently because the Castle has been giving him actual medications instead of placebos, and his brain is actually working well for once. The two have a nice time bonding, and Grandpa decides that it’s time for him to give Bart a special gift.

Bart is absolutely thrilled, and grabs the grenade as Abe starts to explain it. At which point Bart realizes that the pin has been pulled, causing him to be thrown into a panic. But, as Bart begins freaking out Abe begins laughing, because it turns out that this is some sort of dud prank grenade. Which Bart immediately realizes could be used for vast pranking. And, because Grandpa just sort of falls asleep Bart sees that as consent, and takes the grenade.

We then cut to the Elementary School where Principal Skinner is giving some sort of assembly about how they’re the laziest and fattest school in the district, and need to start getting more active Bart leaps up onto the stage and begins showing off the grenade. He then pull the pin and drops it, causing instant panic. Skinner wets himself, the students panic, and the only person keeping a cool head is Ned Flanders, when Bart finally admits that it’s a prank. And no one is pleased.

Superintendent Chalmers has officially had it with Bart, and threatens to fully expel him forever. But, before he can make it official, Flanders offers to begin mentoring Bart, using prayer.
So, Bart starts hanging out with Ned, who is attempting to fix him. And, he does that by going on some sort of fishing trip, where Ned refuses to bail Bart out. They spend the entire day fishing, until Bart finally manages to catch one.

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