“Signature Thai Style Fried Chicken(Street food)||

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"Signature Thai Style Fried Chicken(Street food)||ΰ¦₯াই ΰ¦Έΰ§ΰ¦Ÿΰ¦Ύΰ¦‡ΰ¦² ফ্রাই঑ ΰ¦šΰ¦Ώΰ¦•ΰ§‡ΰ¦¨ΰ₯€"

Thai Fried Chicken is the most flavourful fried chicken in the world. This fried chicken is crispy, moist and remains juicy by sealing in all the juice and flavoures . This recipe is easy with very simple ingredients and failproof . Thai fried chicken are best served with sweet chilli sauce.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

#ΰ¦₯াই_ΰ¦Έΰ§ΰ¦Ÿΰ¦Ύΰ¦‡ΰ¦²_ফ্রাই঑_ΰ¦šΰ¦Ώΰ¦•ΰ§‡ΰ¦¨ Yummy Food Creation video.

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