“Signature Thai Style Fried Chicken(Street food)||

Signature Thai Style Fried Chicken (Street food)|| থাই স্টাইল ফ্রাইড চিকেন || By Yummy Food Creation

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"Signature Thai Style Fried Chicken(Street food)||থাই স্টাইল ফ্রাইড চিকেন।"

Thai Fried Chicken is the most flavourful fried chicken in the world. This fried chicken is crispy, moist and remains juicy by sealing in all the juice and flavoures . This recipe is easy with very simple ingredients and failproof . Thai fried chicken are best served with sweet chilli sauce.😋😋

#থাই_স্টাইল_ফ্রাইড_চিকেন Yummy Food Creation video.

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