Sean Nasiff | Jayson Williams | Rebound | Psychology | Top MMA Fighter In FL | MSCS MEDIA #91

Sean Nasiff and Jayson Williams NBA All-star have an amazing program called Rebound. The Program is for anyone with some type of issue which all of us have issues, from substance abuse to phobia, anxiety, social anxiety something as simple as scared to drive. When compared to other programs to REBOUND it's not even close. Sean and Jason take their Teammates not patients, Teammates sky diving, snorkeling, camping but not camping like you would think 5-star camping. The teammates go to a five-star dinner every Saturday. Throughout the podcast, I really learned a lot. Sean knows his stuff and approaches it to perfection.

Oddly Sean could be in the MMA right now as he was the top MMA fighter in the state of Florida. Sean chooses to help others the right way, the approachable way. There's not enough I can say about the heart this man has. Sean was born and raised in Miami. Sean went to Florida Atlantic University to study Psychology and play football for the Owls. Sean believes in holistic health and wellness retreat. Oddly enough, Sean met NBA All-Star Jayson Williams through his MMA coach. Thank you for your time, Sean, I learned a lot, shout out to my engineer Rob he learned a lot along with some great celebrity stories the guy knows everyone. I hope those who watch, listen to the man and walk away with even 1 different possible outlook on life. Zara video.

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