Ruwi in Muscat Oman

Muscat - Ruwi Market سوق روي

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Ruwi in Oman is the main district of Muscat. It’s located about 5 kilometers from Alkuwair and Al Gubra. Ruwi remains much crowed every evening because it’s the main commercial hub of Muscat. And you can easily get a minibus ( Public transport of Muscat) from any part to Muscat here. Many Indian and Pakistani people are working in Ruwi in Oman. Ruwi in Oman is one of the oldest places in Muscat. The streets of Ruwi are narrow. Masala. Buses which go many parts of Muscat and Dubai are also going from here. These buses are available every after 15 minutes from Ruwi. And the fare of these buses is so affordable its start from 200 Baisas till 500 Baisas. Toffy great video.

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