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Great Russian Army VS European Alliance 2020 Epic War !!
#Rise of The Reds #ROTR #C&C Generals Zero Hour

Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour is the expansion pack
for the 2003 video game Command & Conquer: Generals. Zero Hour added several new
abilities and units to each side, and a new mode of play called Generals' Challenge

Rise of the Reds – or ROTR for short – improves upon the C&C Generals formula while also adding
its own distinct elements to it. Most notably, the mod adds two completely new factions,
the tank-heavy Russian Federation and the defence-oriented European Continental Alliance.
In addition, the three original factions China, USA and GLA have been greatly expanded and
redesigned in a variety of ways, with several new units, buildings, powers and abilities
to explore and combine in your in-game tactics.
ROTR also changes some of the game mechanics in order to create a unique and fresh experience.
Examples include a technology progression system based around three tiers,
a more fleshed out counter system between air and anti-air units as well as an additional emphasis
on specialised scouting and detection units which serve to make stealth tactics a more viable option
than they were in the original game. Beyond the gameplay aspect, the mod also brings many cosmetical updates,
spectacular special effects and custom sounds and voice overs to the table

Command & Conquer: Generals is a real-time strategy video game and the seventh installment in the Command & Conquer series.
It was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems in 2003 and 2004.
While the Windows version of Generals was developed by EA Pacific and published by EA Games,
the Mac OS X version was developed and published by Aspyr Media. The Mac OS X version was re-released by Aspyr
for the Mac App Store on March 12, 2015. In the game,
the player can choose from three different factions: the United States, China and the Global Liberation Army.

full attack & defence game play
insane army

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