Rogue Warfare The Hunt Trailer 1 || 2020 May 13

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We have to bring him back." Saban Films has released an official trailer for an action movie sequel titled Rogue Warfare: The Hunt, from the same director as the first Rogue Warfare movie that opened last year – Mike Gunther. The stuntman-turned-filmmaker continues the story with the elite team of soldiers, but this time they have to rescue one of their own. Their leader, Daniel, is captured by terrorists and they must find and rescue him before it's too late. Of course. There couldn't be a more jingoistic plot than that. Will Yun Lee stars, with Jermaine Love, Rory Markham, Bertrand-Xavier Corbi, Katie Keene, Fernando Chien, Chris Mulkey, Essam Ferris, + an appearance by Stephen Lang. Lock 'n load, ya'll.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Mike Gunther's Rogue Warfare: The Hunt, direct from YouTube: Roktim Tarrkhaa video.

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