Recreating Famous Movie Scenes WITH BLOOPERS


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In this video, we recreated a few of the best scenes in movie HISTORY! (Well, in our opinion. Tune in to watch some terrible acting, forgotten lines and even some pretty darn terrible singing. Do you like bloopers?! Well, we've got them! We have plenty of funny moments that were too good not to document and show to our #JustSwipeUp fam!

In this video we recreate the following scenes:

1. Scarface- "Say hello to my little friend."
2. Titanic- "I'll never let go."
3. Bridesmaids- "And we're gonna go down to the river..."
4. She's the Man- "My favorite's Gouda..."
5. Good Will Hunting- "It's not your fault!"
6. Taken- "I will look for you , I will find you, and I will kill you..."
7. ET- "ET phone home."
8. Rocky- training montage JustSwipeUp Vlogs video.

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