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There are now literally thousands of research papers showing the clinical evidence for the benefits of meditation and meditation music. It is a proven drug free technique for reducing stress, overcoming depression and even improving your brain function, memory and IQ.

Studies also found that music enhances the effects of meditation and science has pushed the development of sound technology to develop the best meditation music to benefit the brain and human consciousness.

This type of sound technology is based on the concept of Brain Entraiment which seeks to โ€œvibrate the brainโ€ into a desired frequency. The emotional state of your mind in any moment such as feeling happy, sad, frightened, sleepy or excited can be measured as a frequency.

With sounds, designed in a specific way, you can literally trigger any state that you want. For brain entrainment, sound scientists have explored binaural beats which over time has evolved to Trypnaural brainwave meditation music.
amozon; https://amzn.to/2RDqlZC
amozon; https://amzn.to/2RDqlZC

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