POWERFUL Tibetan Chants for Meditation & Deep Spiritual Cultivation

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Over an hour and forty minutes of profound themed meditation audio-sensory experience: Follow the paths trodden by Ancient Spiritual Cultivators from Buddhist Temples and Stupas at the foot of Mount Kailash, across the Himalayas, to the hidden Ashrams of the Sages, Sadhus, and Mystics of Tibet, Nepal, and Northern India.
We are living in a 'stressed-out' world of high anxiety and fear, with many feeling an oppressive wave of nauseating doom and gloom.
With this in mind, to bring about a deep sense of inner peace - our First SoundScape track is designed to be listened to in a comfortable setting with the lights dimmed, and the listener wearing headphones, for a profound relaxing experience.

WATCH THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE VIDEO and follow the onscreen instructions to help get your consciousness ready for a mind-trip across the Himalayas in the company of chanting monks and their ancient musical instruments. Mystical Mind Tribe video.

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