PERSONALITY TEST. Would You Go Alone at High School Reunion?

Would You Go Alone to High School Reunion?

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In the age of social media, reunions have lost a bit of their past purpose of satisfying sheer and unabashed curiosity since people are better able to keep tabs on what their classmates have gone on to do with themselves and their lives. Surprisingly little psychology research has been devoted to the emotional and cognitive aspects of attending reunions. A study in the 1980s determined that the biggest predictor of whether people would attend is how positive their actual memories were of their school experience, which makes sense. And apparently, people who didn't feel that they were particularly "popular" were worried that, if they went back, no one would remember them. It stands to reason that more extroverted people will likely be far more comfortable with the idea of a gathering where they don't automatically have established social ties. Reflection Line video.

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