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Dr VK Jayakumar is an academician & educator.
Author of 27 books published in Medical, Education, General topics.
Currently the Chairman of all Institutions and Sr. Principal of the parent school at Anchal. With an experience of handling students all his life, he gives parenting tips during this Covid-19 lockdown as education has shifted to homes parents need to be more focused on their children. Dr. Vijaykumar come live on CampusCare EdTalks to share his experience on parenting and dealing with children.

Dr. Vijaykumar touches various aspects of parenting. As we are all quarantined at home and cannot go anywhere, it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get closer to their children and bring them closer to them by love and care.

He answers whether punishment can be given to children?
He absolutely rejects the theory that if children are scolded and raised hand-at they will do good in studies and life. He advises every parents and teachers not to involve children in strict punishment.

He advises parent to nurture their children with love & care, so that they understand their love and follow the correct path in their lives.
While talking about what parents must do if students donโ€™t score good in exams every time, he suggests that a child cannot always perform good in studies. Everybody fails, it is the responsibility of parents to understand the child.

He chalks out activities that parents and children can practice together while staying at home:
Taking care of elders at home

He passes on the most important fact, that parents must teach children to find the purpose in life. scoring high marks, or getting a good job or buying luxuries is not the purpose of life. He talks about ways how to find a purpose in life.

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