Pain & Pleasure – Phantasm Illusion (2020) Official Music Video

Pain&Pleasure - Phantasm Illusion (Official 2020 Music Video)

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Phantasm is an illusion or apparition which we found recently on Nephop Industry which shows showoff and racism in the almighty culture called 'Hip-Hop' which is included in this song.

Phantasm is the first debut song of our Journey 'Pain&Pleasure'. Enjoy it and listen till the end and Please comment down How's the video and What should we do to make it more better.
Thanks and Support
Prod. By Families
Beat By Orange Studios 🍊
Song Presented By:
Special Thanks to Naresh Thapa Magar and all the families who always support us in hard situation. May you live long.
Love You...

#Phantasm2020 #Illusion2020 #PainAndPleasure
Phantasm Illusion 2020 Music Video video.

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